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Student Accommodation in Australia

After you’ve applied to a university and have been successfully accepted, the next major step is to find yourself a place to live. Several residential options are available in Australia for international students. You just need to pick the one in which you think you’d be comfortable the most. Once you’re done with your visa application, you can start searching for the accommodation that support your needs and account. Always remember that the cost is dependent on the city/area and the type of accommodation you choose. A tip is to always confirm that how far your campus is from the residence and which mode of travelling you’ll choose to reach there. We will discuss several housing options:

Short Term Accommodation

You can consider a short-term accommodation when you first arrive in Australia. There are several hostels that you may consider as your choice number one. Furthermore, discounted hotels can be a good decision too. Many institutes in the country also provide temporary housing which helps you get settled and begin with your work. Short-term accommodation is suitable for the first arrival of the international students in the state.

Accommodation for International Students in Australia

Homestay – A Perfect Environment

Students who want to feel at home in Australia can choose to live with Australian families. It is the best way for students to learn the Australian culture and get to know things better. These stays are affordable and include proper arrangements of food and living.

Homestay is one of the most reliable options that you can go for. Homestay provides comfort and ease to the students as many services are given away. Most of the times cleaning and meal provided services are included in homestay. As per the security for the international students, a keen eye is kept on the families providing homestays to ensure that they are successful in providing a good and safe living environment to the students.

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Guest Houses

Students can choose to stay at private hostels and guest houses with single or shared rooms. The rooms include the kitchen and washroom. Students can cook by themselves at ease and make themselves meals from the country they belong to if they don’t get accustomed to food in Australia. These accommodations are cheaper than homestay.

Campus Living Can Be A Great Choice

Residential colleges offer campus living places to students with services like food, cleaning, and other social needs. Due to the provision of wider facilities, residential college accommodations are expensive compared to guest houses and homestay. The residential colleges also offer rooms on scholarship to high achieving students.

Campus living can work great for the students as they can save money by not being needed to travel. Most of the institutes have great apartment style living which can be a great choice. You can consult to your institution to know more about the accommodation options and what they can offer you. By the end of the day, you can do the math and compare the cost of your own accommodation and the one provided by the campus.

Campus living leaves you with a number of advantages. Most of the apartments are provided with cleaning and arranged meal services which lowers the burden from your shoulders.

Rental Property

International students can rent houses with fellow students in a shared accommodation. This can be expensive as these houses aren’t fully furnished and students need to arrange the necessary furniture and other appliances and stuff themselves.

Renting or leasing a property can be considered too. For renting a property a security deposit as well as four weeks rent in advance has to be paid. The reason a bond is held is to recover the damages that can be cause to the property while living. Later on, the amount can be refunded too. The process can be done with the help of a real estate agent.

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